May 26, 2024

Before You Trust Your Pet's Health To A Cut-Rate Vaccination Mill, Please Request A Quote.

Robyn (Shorewood IL) all of them are great (August 06, 2014)

They take their time with my animals and are extra gentle with my Farrah who is scared of people

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Pet ID Microchip (815) 744-2082

If your pet runs away, a Pet ID Micro Chip may help you to ever see your pet again. Pet are animals. Animal want to roam.

Heartworm Pet Meds (815) 744-2082

A Heartworm Pet Meds Warranty is NOT valid if purchased online. The drug company only pays for heartworm treatment if the heartworm pills were purchased from us.

Kitten Cat Rabies Shots (815) 744-2082

Kitten Cat Rabies Shots are required by law. However, we do not vaccinate every cat for every thing. Indoor only cats still need vaccinations and examinations.

Pet Euthanasia – Puttng A Pet To Sleep (815) 744-2082

Pet Euthanasia or putting a pet to sleep is a somber responsibility of pet ownership. Pet cremation may be required by village ordnance.

Puppy Dog Rabies Shots (815) 744-2082

first vaccination is usually given at 6-8 weeks of age, depending on whether or not the puppy has been exposed to numerous other dogs. If the puppy comes from a large population, the first vaccine is given at 6 weeks of age and a re-boost at 8 weeks of age

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What Does Your Pet Need? Request A Quote Here! Please Tell Us Your Pet’s Needs And Request A Quote. Please call us and ask the Veterinarian Questions about Kitten Shots, Puppy Shots, Pet ID Microchips, Heartworm Test, Spay Neuter, and Pet Euthanasia. Related Posts:Map to Shorewood Animal Hospital (815) 744-2082Shorewood IL Veterinarians (815) 744-2082Puppy Dog […]

Pet Teeth Cleaning (815) 744-2082

Often bad breath in dogs or bad breath in cats is a sign of veterinary dental problems. Pet Teeth cleaning also may prevent future pet medical problems.

Cat Kitten Declaw (815) 744-2082

Declawing may be the only alternative to “getting rid of the cat”. Just search Google Images for cat scratch. No one can guarantee cat behavior.